Truth Quotes Collection


Love truth, but pardon error.

真実を愛しなさい。ただし過ちは許しなさい。- フランソワ=マリー・A・ヴォルテール
Qusmo Qusmo 2012-08-21 (visit:937) - Voltaire truth


Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-11 (visit:739) - Aldous Huxley Complete Essays 2, 1926-29 truth

It is my belief... that the truth is generally preferable to lies.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-11 (visit:722) - J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire truth

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-17 (visit:733) - Henry David Thoreau Walden, or Life in the Woods truth

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-08-27 (visit:761) - Mahatma Gandhi truth

The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-17 (visit:837) - Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching truth

Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-13 (visit:745) - George R.R. Martin A Game of Thrones truth

Man is always prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-12 (visit:706) - Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays truth

Boredom: the desire for desires.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-12 (visit:627) - Leo Tolstoy truth

Truth is on the side of the oppressed.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-18 (visit:661) - Malcolm X truth

Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-12 (visit:922) - Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays truth

I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

Qusmo Qusmo 2012-09-17 (visit:719) - Al Pacino truth